Obtaining Photos

Downloading FREE digital images

If you're interest is in downloading images, please look at this page for instructions and caveats.

Now,let me tell you about The Great Print Guarantee.

I use the  SmugMug.com  service to support this website and any purchases of prints. I have chosen to use the  BayPhoto.com  lab via SmugMug for the actual printing services because they are first-rate, well respected, and offer a wide variety of print products. More importantly, I use these services because SmugMug provides an outstanding print guarantee, to wit:

"If you are unhappy with your prints or gifts, SmugMug will reprint or refund your order, whichever you prefer.

Just email help@smugmug.com within 30 days of receiving your order."

Basically, buying a print from this site is completely risk-free. But if you have any concerns about a requested reprint or refund, please feel free to copy me at Ced@CedBennett.Photography so I can follow up with SmugMug on your behalf.

Buying a Print

Purchasing a photo print is very easy. If you already understand the relationship between aspect ratio  and paper size, just keep reading (but if you'd like a useful refresher on the topic, click here). To help you select one (of the many) photo paper sizes that best fits any particular image, I've included the aspect ratio  of every photo, except for the very common 2x3 aspect ratio, at the end of the photo's caption (visible in the "lightbox" view at the page bottom). To be very clear, if the photo does NOT show an aspect ratio  in the caption, it has the most common 2x3 ratio. As an additional aid in this process look here to preview the paper sizes that exactly fit each aspect ratio.

Of course, you are not limited to the paper sizes that fit the aspect ratio. Any photo can be printed on any paper size; you can either visually select the specific photo cropping you'd prefer or choose to print the entire image on the selected paper and accept white (unprinted) bands on the top / bottom or sides (that can be trimmed off by you later to fit a particular frame or mat). If you'd like to get a better idea of how the purchase process (and fitting or cropping of photos) works, take a look at this brief 5 minute video by SmugMug that fully demonstrates how it all works. That same video also describes SmugMug's digital download process but I strongly recommend that you refer to this page to successfully download images from this site.

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