Digital Downloading

I do want to allow visitors to this website the ability to download digital images for their own personal use. Unfortunately, although SmugMug does support such a process, it also requires a minimum, nominal, charge to provide that service. I don't want anyone to have to pay for this ability, nor do I want to pay SmugMug for each download instance. So, I've developed a work-around (a hack) that allows you to freely download images for personal purposes.

Important Caveats

Personal Use

Before describing how to accomplish an image download I need to make it clear what personal-use license conditions  you are required to understand and follow when you download one or more of of my images. In what follows, "Media" means the image, images, video, or videos downloaded regardless of the specific source location of that media and "Content Provider" means me, Ced Bennett, a.k.a. Cedric Bennett.

These Media are all copyright protected. The Content Provider, is granting you a non-exclusive personal-use license to download and copy any of these Media subject to the following restrictions: This license is for personal use only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the Media for display on personal websites and computers, or making image prints or copies for personal use. The Media may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The Media may not be used in advertising. The Media may not be resold, re-licensed, or sub-licensed. Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the Media remain exclusively with the Content Provider. There are no warranties, express or implied. The Media are provided 'as is.' The Content Provider will not be liable for any third party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or licensee's use of the Media.

Commercial Use

I do not provide any commercial use licenses through the download processes that will be described here. If you are interested in licensing one or more of my images for commercial purposes, please contact me directly via email at Ced@CedBennett.Photography; I will either negotiate a reasonable commercial use license with you or will direct you to the stock photography services I utilize.

Instructions for Downloading Images

I generally put copies of my photos in Google+ albums (I am an active participant in various G+ photographic communities). Those albums are publicly available and the photos can be freely downloaded (all instructions, above, regarding copyright protection and the Personal-use License  are still applicable).

I've been using G+ for awhile and, as a result, my photos may be in one or more of several albums. Photos that are here in my publicly available SmugMug galleries are usually in G+ albums that begin with the letters "SM" (and sometimes other albums, as well). Here is the direct link to my Google+ album page   (it will open in a separate browser tab).

If you cannot find the image you are interested in, please write to me at Ced@CedBennett.Photography providing me with enough photo identifying information and I'll reply with either its specific location in my G+ albums or an actual copy of the image.

Although it is not a requirement for downloading I would appreciate it if you would let me know which photos you downloaded  either by sending me an email or by leaving a comment on the photo in this website (just view the photo in the "lightbox" by clicking on it and then click on the little "talk bubble" near the lower right-hand corner).

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