About this site


I created this public website because I enjoy sharing my landscape and travel photographs with others. It has two related purposes:

      (1) to provide a place for others to comfortably view these photos   and

      (2) to make it easy for anyone to obtain one or more of these photos for themselves.

I continuously update the site with new additions, both recently captured images as well as older ones from my photo archives; I recommend that you re-visit periodically to check out the newer photos (or to enjoy old favorites). 

Interested in photos for yourself?

If you have an interest in obtaining photos for yourself or to give as gifts, take a look at this page  for some helpful information and guidance. Among other things, you can learn how to obtain FREE digital copies of photographs for your own, personal, non-commercial use. It also describes the no risk, money back, print guarantee -- and it provides insight into the sometimes difficult process of selecting different print sizes and types.

Site Organization

This site specializes in landscape and travel photographs. The primary organizational model is by geographic location. So, if you look under the menu item Places you'll find links to photographs based upon their place in the world.

Alternatively, the menu item Special Subjects provides links to selected photos based upon their type (e.g., Black & White, Panorama, Sunrise, US National Parks, etc.). Moreover, as newly captured images are added to their respective places within the organizational model, some are selected to be added under the menu item What's New to provide  a taste of what's been captured recently and added to the site.

It is also possible to search the site using more specific criterion (select the Search menu item to get started). The search function will use your search term against words in the title, caption, and special keywords attached to each photograph to provide you with a search result.

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